• Watching Asian Sex To Spice Up My Relationship

    Asian Sex

    My relationship with my husband had become a little lifeless in the bedroom, so I was in search of the asian porn videos to get us in the mood. As a couple from Korea and Japan, this was our free porn of choice but we had never watched it together before, I was excited. I tentatively hit the “play” button as we sat together on the bed and the action started at once. That asian sex was really hot!

    The girl and guy at porno movie were youthful, younger than us – the woman was sprawled on the sofa and the man dived straight in using his tongue on her big pussy. I felt my cheeks flush, I turned to my partner who wasn’t blinking, his eyes glued to the screen. The light brown skin of the couple looked sweet and shiny and not dissimilar to my men. I found myself growing horny as I have seen the bulge in his trousers start to form. He looked on as I started to undo his buckle, I had never initiated sex and he seemed pleased about it. After his trousers were off the couple on the Korean erotic video started to fuck and I was yearning to feel my man inside me.

    He laid me on the bed after he was naked and begin to take off my clothes also. He stared at my body for a while, admiring me and kissed me his way down my stomach. He pulled down my panties to reveal dark, neat hair covering my Asian pussy – just the way he liked it. He stroked my clit gently with his fingers and I arched my back as the heavenly sensation ran through my body. He started licking and sucking on my pussy, I moaned out as I gently grasped his hair.

    “Make love to me…” I whispered as I was close to orgasm, I wanted him to come inside me like I have seen in the Korean porn videos.

    Japanese Sex

    He brought himself up and kissed me hard on the lips, I felt his erect penis down there and he slowly slid in. It must’ve been weeks since he was inside me and it felt so good. As we looked over to the couple fucking on the screen, he mimicked their movements. He was usually such a gentle lover, but as he started to bang me hard, I felt an orgasm building like I had never experienced before. I liked with a new side of my partner, the roughness in which he fucked me felt so good. “We need to download more free sex videos…”, I whispered.

    I was so wet and every thrust felt incredible, my husband gently bit my ear as I ran my hands all over his firm chest. As my body start to shake, he whispered in my ear “Come for me baby.” I cried out his name and he grunted as we joined together in a credible climax, our bodies becoming one.

    We collapsed in a heap and he rolled off the top of me, the scene on the computer had finished and he grinned at me, his face dripping with sweat. Now our sex life has been well and truly reignited and every time we fancy a particularly steamy session, when we watch asian sex online!

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